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The open book is a living monument of unageing intellect squeezing in vast horizons and embodying lofty ken of vision and antenna of perception. The flaming 'Deepak' stands for illumination of the life dispelling the clouds of ignorance and sparkling of the roads to never ending progress through time. The resplendent 'Veena' through which Saraswati, the Goddess of learning expresses the musical cadence of prudence, resembles "Vidya", the purest form of knowledge promulgating humility which, as we all know, is the epitome of all knowledge, propounding the oft -quoted Sanskrit idiom. "Vidya Dadati Vinayam". What men call knowledge is the reasoned acceptance of wisdom and truth transmitted with elan from time to timeless.

The segment with scientific apparatus brings to us the idea of cause and effect, that is every effect has a cause and every cause has an effect. This is the gospel of definiteness. The blade of corn located in the crest symbolises the buoyancy in agricultural production and is simultaneously a call for preservation of flora and fauna which has a great poignancy particularly in view of the near extinction of some of the best known species.

The boat is a reminder of our hoary past especially in the fields of trade and commerce and evidently gives an impetus to be imbued with our heritage so as to strive and live up to it.

Thus the bunch of symbols communing the Crest teach and preach the ideas and ideals of our tradition, culture, heritage, learning, science and environment instilling in the minds of readers the distilled thoughts of march-ahead, of course, with profound humility cultivated and acquired never willnilly but lock, stock and barrel.


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