Welcome to Narsinghpur College
NAAC Accredited 'B' Grade

The Narasinghpur College, Narasinghpur is a growing academic Institute in the old princely state of Arata that aims at ushering in an era of peace and progress and achieving the following visions and goals.

  1. To keep afloat the flame of education in this area.
  2. To dispel the pal of ignorance and disseminate knowledge all around.
  3. To spread out knowledge and train the minds of the untrained youth.
  4. To promote quality education and instil a sense of universal brotherhood among all.
  5. To lay stress on value-based education and build up the character of students through moral awareness.
  6. To develop a positive outlook and foster humanitarian feelings in the young minds.
  7. To generate a feeling of solidarity and clairvoyance in the minds of the blooming buds.
  8. To develop leadership quality and instil a sense of to lerance in the minds of all students.
  9. To help students develop a cosmopolitan outlook and be inspired by the traditional motto of our heritage "Basudheva Kutumbakam".
  10. To inculcate the sweet aroma of unity, integrity persrverance and perfection in the minds of the inmates.
  11. To inspire everybody to do away with the seven deadly sins of Pride, sloth, envy, wrath, gluttony lechery and covetousness and to be inspired by the beam of the seven cardinal virtues of faith, hope charity, justice, prudence, temperance and fortitude.
  12. To open up new avenues in the minds of the students and streamline their thoughts to confront the challenges of time.
  13. To prepare them for developing competitive spirit which is the need of the hour.
  14. To leave no stone unturned to make the college dynamic and progressive in all respect.
  15. To make it an ideal educational institute in years to come.
  16. To provide higher education to the socially and econmically backward students of the locality.
  17. To enrich human potentiality and ennoble the scientific spirit of students.
  18. To inspire students to face the challenges of time in a herculean spirit.
  19. To take drastic measures against the natural calamities like flood, draught, famine, cyclone, epidemic and earthquake.
  20. To exhort all the inmates to do away with their narrow national outlook and be saturated with a spirit of sagacity vallur and universal brotherhood.

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