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It is the new venture of this college instituted with a lefty ideal . The Go Governing Body of the college meeting on Date ;01.11.2015 has passed a resolution with a nobler mission that the fund instituted will meet the eventualities. A sum of Rs.2,00,000/- ( Rupees Two Lakhs only ) have been fixed in the bank with the vision that the interest money of the aforesaid fund shall be paid to the employees of the college. In case some untoward situation occur in their life.

Corpus fund has lofty vision. This fund is created by the Management for the upliftment the college employee. It is time that life is that temporary ano metamorphic. No body knows what kind of mishap is in store for him in future man builds castle in the air without knowing the intractable things of is future.. Therefore , he cuprous fund has been created with a management of the governing body . it is so prepared that the interest money will be given to the family member of the employee , who meet with some unforeseen situation in life .

The Corpous fund “ has certain Rules and Regulation No a single pie of the amount shall be spent for often purposes and that the amount can never be withdrawn from the cuprous fund . Account nor can’t be diverted or spent in any other purpose .

It is also decided that the person who needs with such eventually cant write any letter to the Principal , his family member, no matter whether husband / wife son daughter will have to write an application to the principal informing him of the problem . After getting the letter.

The Principal will take necessary steps to redress the problem of the applicant by offering him some financial aid . In case two more applicants apply for such benefit from the Corpous Fund of the college , the Principal will take due steps to make the allocation of funds proportionately.


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