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There is a Youth Red-Cross unit in the Narsinghpur College, Narasinghpur.

Aims and Objective :
  1. To inculcate in the children the ideals of peace.
  2. Practice of health-service, promotion of health.
  3. Understanding and acceptance of civil and human responsibility.
  4. Cultivation and maintenance of a spirit of friendship and helpfulness.
  5. Service to the sick and suffering.
  6. International friendliness.
Formation of Group :
  1. There shall be R.C. unit in the College consisting of student-volunteers and a member of the teaching staff will function as the Counselor and guide the activities of the Group.
  2. Desirous students need apply to the Counselor. within the stipulated date for enrolment as volunteer.
  3. If girl-students are enrolled as volunteers, a lady teacher of the college is to be appointed as lady counselor.
Funds :

A sum of Rs.5/- is to be collected from each student of the College in the beginning of the academic year as Y.R.C. fee. Out of this collection 40% is to be sent to the appropriate authorities as state-share and the balance amount is to be deposited in a Nationalized Bank and spent for carrying on the activities of the Y.R.C. The Principal is the custodian of the fund. He is to operate the fund with the assistance of the Counselor.

Activities :

The activities of the Y.R.C. may be summed up as follows:

  1. Practice of health habit.
  2. College hygiene
  3. Community hygiene.
  4. Service to the sick and suffering
  5. Organisation of voluntary Blood donation camp.
  6. Undergoing the course of St. John Ambulance course in Fast Aid.
  7. Organisation of Red-cross Volunteer Camp.
  8. Home Service, welfare work etc.

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