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  1. A. College Examinations:-
    i) There shall be the first Terminal and Annual Examinations for the +2 1st year and Test Exam. for +23 2nd year Arts,Science and Commerce students.
    ii) In the academic session 2011-12the College had introduced OMR Test for +2 1st year students. This system examination with objective type questions was of immense value as the students got acquainted with question patterns of different entrance examination. The result of this test was available I College website www.narasinghpurcollege.org
    iii) Every student is required to appear at all these examinations during a session. A student who absents himself from any of the examinations is to be fined as per the staff council decision unless he applies to the Principal in writing with supporting evidences for exemption from fines.
    Iv) A student who is found in possession of incriminating material or copying or taking any improper advantage in the examination shall be refused promotion or penalized in any other manner which is deemed proper.
       On admission into the +2 CHSE course in Arts/Science/Commerce /Vocational a student has to pay Rs. 20/- as a registration fee to register hi/her name by the CHSE, Odisha. The registration is compulsory and every student has to produce his/her registration receipt at the time of filling up application forms for the annual CHSE examination.
       Students registered under the Council are eligible to appear at the Annual Examination in Arts/Science/Commerce stream. For the purpose of such examination as a regular course of study a candidate should satisfy the Council that:
      i)He/she has completed not less than two academic sessions after passing the High School Examination conducted by the Board of Secondary Education, Orissa, or some other examination recognized by the Council as equivalent there to in one or more affiliated institution recognized by the Council for the purpose of such examination.
      ii)He/she has completed one academic year after passing qualifying examination conducted by the C.B.S.E./ I.C.S.E. and Board of Secondary Education of other States in India and has been promoted to 2nd year class on the basis of the examination conducted by the institution in the 1st year.
      Iii0A candidate can take the Higher Secondary examination in Arts/Science Commerce privately only on production of proficiency certificate from the Head of an institution.
    i)No candidate shall be permitted to take up the second Examination in any subject which he had not offered at the preceding Annual Examination.
    ii)No student shall be allowed to appear in the examination unless he/she is registered. +3 Stream
      Every student of the College is a de facto registered student of Utkal University. On admission into the +3 Degree course a student pays a fee of Rs. 21/- for registration of his/her name by the Utkal University. When the name of a student is struck off the rolls of the College for default in payment of the prescribed college dues or any other reason and re-admission is sought thereafter, he or she has to pay a re-entry fee of Rs. 1/- only.
  4. Regulation for +3 Degree of Arts/Commerce exam.
       Examinations three year Degree course: Effective for students admitted to 1st year of +3 Course during 2002-03 and afterward.
       The three year Degree Course leading to the Bachelor’s Degree in Arts/Commerce of Utkal University shall be spread over a period of three academic years. A candidate for the Bachelor’s Degree in Arts/Commerce shall be required to pass the following examinations.
    i)1st University Examination
    ii)2nd Universityy Examination
    iii)Final University Examination
    A candidate shall be eligible to appear the second and final University examination only if he/she has registered for the first and second University Examination respectively. However, his/her results shall not be published unless he/she passed in the first and second University examination respectively.
  5. Marks and Classification of Successful Candidates:
    Aggregate mark for passing the Degree Examination shall be the sum total of the aggregate marks of first , second and final examinations taken together.
  6. Class will be awarded on the following basis
    PassA minimum of 30% in each subject and a minimum of 36% marks in the aggregate.
    Pass with DistinctionA minimum of 30% in each subject and a minimum of 50% marks in the aggregate
    Pass without Hons. A minimum of 30% in each subject and a minimum of 36% marks
  7. Publication of Results:
    1. The result of the three year B.A./B.Com Degree Examination & the classes to be awarded shall be determined on the basis of the combined result of First, Second and Final Examination taken together.
  8. Orissa Act 2 of 1988: The Orissa Conduct of Examinations Act 1988
         An Act to provide for penal action for adoption of unfair means at certain examinations held in the state and other matters connected there with.
         Be it enacted by the Legislature of the state of Orissa in the Thirty Nineth year of the republic of India as follows:
    1. This act may be called the Orissa conduct of Examination Act. 1988.
    2. In this act, unless the context otherwise requires.
       a) “Recognised examination” means an examination specified in the schedule and include evaluation , tabulation publication of results and all other matters connected there with.
       b) “Unfair means” in relation to any recognized examination means taking or giving or attempting to take or give any help, other than one permissible if any, under the rules applicable there to any material, written recorded or printed or relayed from any person in any form whatsoever.
    3.Prohibition of use of unfair means at examination:
    (i) No person shall adopt or take recourse to unfair means at any recognized examination.
    (ii) No person shall aid, abet or conspire in the use of unfair means at any recognized examination.
    4.Restriction on copies of question paper and offer of information
    No person who is not lawfully authorized or permitted by virtue of his duties to do so, shall before the time fixed for distribution of copies of a question paper to examinees at a recognized examination.
    a).Procure, attempt to procure or possess, such question paper or portion or copy thereof or
    b).Impart, or offer to impart information which he knows or has reason to believe is related or is derived or has a bearing upon such question paper.
    5.Prevention of leakage by person entrusted with examination work
    No person who is entrusted with any work connected with a recognized examination shall, except in the discharge of his duties directly or indirectly divulge or cause to be divulged or know to any other person any information or part there of which he has come in possession in the discharge of his duties.
  9. Re striction on fake papers:
      1. No person shall procure, possess, distribute or otherwise publicize or cause to be published any question paper as being the one or purporting to be the one that is to be given or likely to be given at an ensuing recognized examination. Prohibition of loitering etc. near Examination Centre:
    2. (a) No person, save in the discharge of his duties shall loiter during the hours around a recognizes examination centre or where any evaluation or tabulation work relating to a recognized examination is done and two hours preceding the commencement of such examination, evaluation or tabulation work on any date on which such examination is conducted or evaluation work is done.
    Commit or cause to be committed any of the following acts within the premises where in the recognized examination is held or at any place where evaluation or tabulation work is done or at any public or private place within a distance of one hundred metres of such premises or the place of evaluation or tabulation work namely.
    i) Loitering
    ii) Distribution, or otherwise publishing any paper or other matters relating to such examination or
    iii) Indulging in such other activity as is likely to be prejudicial to the conduct of such examination or is likely to affect the secrecy thereof.
    iv) Provided that nothing contained in this section shall apply in respect of bonafide activities of examinees appearing at the examination which is conducted at such examination centre.
  10. Penalty:
          Whoever contravenes any of the provisions of section 3 to 7 on conviction be furnished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to three months or with fine which may extend to three thousand rupees but shall not be less than five hundred rupees of with both
  11. Investigation to:
        (a) An offence under this Act shall not be investigated by an officer below the rank of a Sub-Inspector of Police.
        (b) All offences under this Act shall be cognizable and non-bailable.

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