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NAAC Accredited 'B' Grade
    Objectives :
    1. To convene meetings from time to time in order to review the general discipline in the College
    2. To organize meetings of the students/parents and guardians to trace out different problems
    3. To receive applications from the students, guardians and parents regarding their grievances
    4. To convene meetings of Grievance Redressal Committee to sort out the problems and to find out ways and means to mitigate the grievances.
    5. Executive Body:
      President (Ex-officio)     Principal
      Convenor             A nominee of the Principal preferably a senior member of the teaching staff.
      Members          The members of the cell are nominated by the Principal from among the members of                           the teaching staff

    The students information bureau of Narasinghpur College, Narasinghpur has a clear purpose of supplying the students with information regarding courses of studies, scholarship, financial aids and employment opportunities. The bureau will also collect the information pamphlets from the Directorate of Employment Exchange, New Delhi. The State Directorate of Employment Exchange and the Central & State Bureau of career guidance and counseling on the educational and employment opportunities in the state and the country. The bureau also maintains liason with the students and information Bureau of the Utkal University and takes steps to organize ccampus interviews.

    The Principal nominates a member of the staff as the professor in charge the Bureau.

  3. Remedial classes (UGC XI Plan) :

    On the basis of the result of the periodical examinations and response of the students in the classes, the heads of the departments trece out the academically backward students in different faculties. They suggest for those backward students. The Prof. in charge of time table has to prepare separate attendance register for such remedial classes and make provision of such classes in the general time table of the College. The remedial class programme has started in the College under UGC Scheme (XI plan) for the benefit of Degree Students.

  4. Career Counseling Cell :

    The Career Counseling Cell has starte working since 2009-10 to aware the students about career opportunities in different fields after their degree course and to expose them to the world of better education and employment in the future

  5. New Dress Code :

    The College has prescribed dress code for the students from the session 2005-06. The prescribed dress code is black coloured pant with striped faded rose colour shirt for boys and black coloured half sleeve Punjabi, striped red coloured salwar with black coloured chunni for girls. The new dress code for +2 stream has been introduced from the session 2009-10 & it is coffee coloured half sleeve Punjabi, red coloured salwar with coffee coloured chinni for girls and coffee coloured pant and red coloured shirt for boys

  6. Periodical Examinations :

    To improvise the teaching learning process of theCollege & to systematize the evaluation system, periodical examinations for Degree class 9Hons.0 students have been introduced. The Hons. Department of the college prepare questions and programmes for the conduct of such examinations. The Examination Cell of the College co-operates the departments for such examinations. The Heads of the Departments usually record the result of the periodical examinations, assess the performance and academic progress of the honours students

  7. Introduction of career oriented course :

    The Department of commerce started a new career oriented course like “Certificate Course in Diploma in Financial Management” from the session 2011-12 to help the students get a basic course I one of the demanding subjects in recent times.

  8. Self Defence Training Programme for Girls :

    The College started the Self Defence Training Programme of Girls students under Odisha State Youth Police 2013. Girls students of both +2 and +3 stream underwent the training programme and learnt the basic skills of self defence from the trainers from the self defence cell of higher education department

  9. Smart Class Rooms :

    This is a cell headed by a senior Madam of the College. There are 3 other members from among the teaching staff and 2 student members from among the girls. The primary aim and objective of this cell is to safeguard the interest of the girls’ students. The cell is headed by the Principal. Occasional meetings are organized by the members of the cell to see that the girls’ students of the College are treated well and that there is no physical or intellectual exploitation for women students. The cell submits their report to the Principal after every meeting


    It is a cell solely arming at preventing all kinds of sexual harassment for the girl students. As it is a co-education College and girls of tender age study with their male counterparts, there may be cases of sexual harassment. It is because in the present world of growing fashion design and increasing emancipation women, such cases frequently occur in the society and the dastard cases of sexual harassment are regularly printed in the newspapers and televisions. The cell is also headed by a Madam, three other members from among the staff and two members from among the students.

  11. ECO CLUB :

    This is a club set up in the College under the chairmanship of the Principal and in collaboration with the three units of the NSS. The sole aim and objective of the club is to take steps for plantation of trees and maintenance of the existing ones. The club makes rallies among the villages and organizes meetings in different areas with a view to communicating the message that trees are our life and that they help us in many ways. The NSS volunteers together with the NCCC and YRC volunteers go to different areas and through meetings, Rallies and Road-side plus advice people how to protect the environment. The club acts as a liasioning link among the people by communicating the message of a green environment


    This is a committee constituted in the College by the Principal and under the IQAC to develop research culture in the College. There are 06 members in the committee. It acts as committee of motivation among the staff members. The committee advices the faculty members to register their names for Ph D/M. Phill work, go in for course work and them systematically work for their academic excellence. The committee recommends the Principal to purchase some essential reference books necessary for progressive research work. The committee also suggests for installation of Wi fi system, making College accessible to the INFLIBNET and also develop the e-Library system in the College.


    This is an important branch of the College under the UGC called Information and Library Network Centre. It is an autonomous Inter-University Centre (IUC) of the University Grants Commission (UGC) involved in creating infrastructure for sharing of Library and information resources and services among Academic and Research Institutions. This INFLIBNET centre was first established as a project of the IUCAA in 1991 and was recognized and was an independent autonomous Inter-University Centre (IUC) of the Uac in May 1996. This INFLIBNET has all kinds of ingredients to expand the vision of the research scholars, students and the staff. The College has taken all necessary measures to have its membership. Now our College is an active member of INFLIBNET.


    A branch of National Cadet Corps (NCC) has been introduced in the College with 50 cadets. Lt. Prashant Kumar Behera is in charge of the NCC. The NCC has better career for the cadets. Apart from education NCC opens up new vistas before the students and provides them with a lot of job opportunity in Defence sector. Many cadets are also appointed in the Odisha Special Armed Police and also Odisha Fire Brigade.


    The College has made adequate provision for mandatory computer literacy programme in the college. This programme is solely meant for the stakeholders. The students and the staff are benefitted by the programme. The primary programme is to make the students up to date and disseminate the basic tenets of computer science to all the students. They are taught how to prepare DTP copies and how to open and send e-mail information together with retrieving information


    A health centre has been facilitated in the College for the betterment of the staff and students. The College has contacted two doctors in the locality and got their consent to come over to College once every week for medical check-up of the students. This is done very sincerely. The doctors come, make primary check-up, prescribe medicines and check blood pressure, diabetes and other medicines. A pharmacist has been contacted to come to College on the days when the doctors come and check the blood pressure and diabetes. A special Room called Health Centre has been facilitated. A First Aid Box has been installed and the stakeholders are provided with all kinds of basic medical care.


    A Career Councelling Cell has been functioning in the College since 2008. This cell is entrusted to two faculty members of the College. A room has been allotted for the purpose. Some eminent personalities from the locality are invited to the College to provide career opportunities to the stakeholders. We have also made contacts with some Career Oriented organizations to come to our College and expand the mental horizon of the students by giving them special tips.


    The IQAC of the College has made a provision of making mandatory Blood Grouping of all new-commers of the College. A special record is maintained in the Red Cross Department called YRC. Whoever takes admission in +3 1st year Arts and Commerce, of the College, he or she is advised to undergo this mandatory Blood Grouping report. In case the student has already made his grouping, the same is recorded in a special Register. The College has made contact with some Pathologists who come to the College to make the programme successful. This is done to meet the exigency. In case an untoward situation occurs, we can immediately rust the student in to the hospital and arrange blood for his operation


    The IQAC is a cell working in the College since 2012-13 academic session. Although the cell was introduced in the College during 2010 academic session it practically become effective from 2012-13. This cell is the most important cell which operates everything for the intellectual uplift of the staff and students. The IQAC gives importance to quality teaching. It also emphasizes on the introduction of various schemes and programmes to make the College a progressive one.


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